Pop Up Pub Online Shift Volunteering

To try to make it as easy as possible for people to help out with shifts for the Pop Up Pub we have added an ‘online’ booking system to the website

If you click on the ‘Pop Up Pub Shifts’ menu option you will see the screenshot below

This snapshot will show you what shifts are available to volunteer for and by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the table you will be able to view each weekend the pub is open (currently shifts are available until the end of March)

If you select the CLICK HERE option you will find a new window opens and you can select an available shift and add you name

We will use this as the basis for running the shifts if you have any comments or suggestions then please let us know

Thanks again for all of your support and let’s ‘Keep Wistow Flowing’

KWF Pop UP Pub Team

Calling All Volunteers!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for the Pop Up Pub and now that we have the festivities out of the way its time to try and get organised for the rest of 2018!

We are totally reliant on the good will of the people who give their time to help out with running the pub and we very much appreciate your support

We are planning to hold a ‘Volunteers Meeting’ this Thursday 4th January in the Village Hall at 6pm

We would like to cover a few things including

  • Arrangements for volunteering for shifts
  • An update on what being a licenced premises means and how we need to operate
  • Discuss any ideas or suggestions on how we might improve

We appreciate this is very short notice but it would be great if you could make it

Thanks again for the overwhelming support and we are looking forward to an equally busy 2018!

KWF Pop Up Pub team

Boxing day Pop Up Pub

We are going to open the Pop Up Pub for boxing day from 11 – 3PM

Thanks again for all of your support

See you there ;o)

Additonal Xmas opening hours for Pop Up Pub

We have had a few requests to open the Pop Up Pub on Christmas eve lunchtime because it is a Sunday so of course not wanting to let anyone down we open as follows….
Christmas Eve Lunchtime 12 – 3pm
Christmas Eve Evening 6 – 11pm
Happy Xmas and hopefully see you there ;o)

Pop Up Pub Is Back!


We have now been granted a premise licence for the Village Hall so the Pop Up Pub is back ;o)

KWF Pop Up Pub opening times for Christmas

Friday 22nd Dec 6pm- 11pm
Saturday 23rd Dec 6pm – 11pm

We have organised Richard Wells to sing from 8pm so we will be charging £5 entrance fee per person which will include free mince pies and sausage Rolls

( whilst stocks last)

Xmas Eve 24th Dec 6pm – 11pm
Xmas Day 11am – 3pm

These times are all subject to staffing / volunteers , so if you want to offer some of your time please send us an email or message us on the Keep Wistow Flowing Facebook page

Once again great village, great community , let’s keep Wistow & Santa flowing and have a great Christmas!

Pop Up Pub Update

Due to the fact we don’t hold a premises licence at the moment for the village hall and the overwhelming success of the Pop up Pub we have used up our allocation of Temporary Events Notices (TEN) licences.

This leaves us with no other option than to close the Pop Up Pub for sale of alcohol until the premises licence is approved. We are hoping that this will be done by later this month.

Over the next few weekends and subject to interest we are offering a ‘Bring Your Own Drink’ (BYOD) policy.

We will not be able to sell any drinks at all

We are prepared to open the village hall and are offering the following times

Fri  18:00 – 22:30

Sat 17:00 – 22:30

Sun 12:00 -16:00

Takeaway food can be ordered both Friday & Saturday nights so that we can continue to socialise eat , drink (our own alcohol) and be merry ;o)

Bring your own drinks and leave between visits locked in kitchen at your own responsibility

We will open the Village Hall on these days and and we will have a coin box on the bar for contribution to rent, lights, heating and cleaning etc.

Another challenge to overcome but as ever we will endeavor to ‘KEEP WISTOW FLOWING!’ 

KWF Update

The Keep Wistow Flowing Group has now formally declared its intention to submit a bid for the Three Horseshoes Public House and the full moratorium period defined by the ACV legislation has commenced. This means that KWF has until April 12th 2018 to develop a costed business plan and secure the required funding. To meet this challenge, the KWF Steering Group has grown to include new members with key business management skills. Changes to key roles include

Chairperson Frances Williams
Vice Chair Alastair Ray
Treasurer Bryan Layman

The group has also organised itself into three sub-working groups.

The first group led by Bryan Layman will run the Pop-Up Pub in the Village Hall. All profits from this will initially be used to support KWF and, ultimately, other community projects.

The second group, led by Marcus Scott, has been established to manage the procurement of the Three Horseshoes.

The third group, under Jonathan Hannaby, will address the post procurement issues associated with running the business.

We have also added a new section on the website to share the meeting minutes to help keep people informed of our progress.

We acknowledge that we have been a little quiet of late but please rest assured we are completely focused and committed to saving the pub and Keep Wistow Flowing!

KWF featured on HCR104 ‘Over to You’ radio show

KWF members Fran Williams, Jeremy Carter and Bryan Layman were guests on the HCR 104 ‘Over to You’ radio show on 27th October

This hour long slot allowed the group to talk in some detail about the campaign and also select the music to play during the show

Check out the website at here or listen to a recording of the show by clicking on the link below

As always you can email your comments and questions on info@keepwistowflowing.pub

Best regards

KWF Steering Group


KWF Pop Up Pub Opening Time Update

Just updating the opening hours for the next couple of weekends

Fridays 3rd and 10th Nov hours are 17:00 – 23:00

Saturdays 4th and 11th Nov hours are 12:00 – 23:00

Sundays 5th and 12th Nov hours are 12:00 – 16:00

Unfortunately due to a late change of circumstance, this weekends offering of Romanian Stuffed Peppers by Elena has been sadly withdrawn, the fall-back plan there are a range of take away menus available for people to order from and have delivered to the Pop up Pub ( their responsibility ) for consumption whilst enjoying a drink and social time spent with friends

There is no surcharge, plates and cutlery are available. All KWF ask is that any drinks consumed with / during the meal are those bought on the premises from the well stocked bar

Looking forward to see you all again this weekend ;o)

KWF Steering Group

KWF Update

We have received notification from Huntingdon District Council of Gerry & Julia’s ‘intention to dispose’ of the Three Horseshoes pub. Therefore, under the terms of the recently activated Asset of Community Value we now enter into an interim moratorium period.

What this means in reality is we now have to decide if we are going to form a local community interest group and attempt to buy the pub. Of course this is why the Keep Wistow Flowing group was formed. We have now begun the process of creating a Community Benefit Society Company. On formation of Keep Wistow Flowing (CBS) Company we are then potentially eligible for grants and loans from other community support sources, such as Plunkett Foundation.  We will then be in a position to formalise our interest and begin negotiating for the purchase of The Three Horseshoes.

Following the recent village survey and release of the ‘intended pledge forms’ we have received a fantastic response. We have now created the ‘KWF Beerometer’. This will allow everyone to track our financial progress. Our first beerometer below shows the number and value of intended pledges so far.

The ‘Pop Up Pub’ is receiving overwhelming support and it is great to see so many familiar faces as well as people we have not seen for a while. We usually have members of the KWF steering available for questions at the Pop Up or pre-arrange a meeting via our email address info@keepwistowflowing .pub

Many thanks again to all those who have supported the campaign so far and for those who are thinking of joining in now is the time to act!

We have a very small window of opportunity to raise as much money as possible and we firmly believe we have enough interest to make this work! We are now in the process of forming a business plan and we will be requesting supporters to firm up their pledges. 

Please post any questions, comments or your completed pledge form to the KWF email address info@keepwistowflowing.pub and we look forward to being able to welcome you all into the Three Horseshoes again.

Thanks again and please let’s KEEP WISTOW FLOWING!