KWF Pop Up Pub a Success!

Well following a very busy weekend we believe the Pop Up Pub was a complete success!  It was great to see all of the support and the generous offers of help from people attending

Great to see some faces we have not seen for a while and everyone seemed to be having a really good time reinforcing how important it is for us to have a village pub where we can meet and socialise

We are still actively raising funds so if you have not done so yet please consider joining in and completing an intended pledge form

Remember we are doing it all again this coming weekend so come and see what all of the fuss is about ;o)

Friday night

Singer Richard Wells really had the hall rocking and plenty of people were up dancing with a very busy bar!

Saturday afternoon & evening

We saw a steady flow of people which resulted in a very busy Saturday evening session

Sunday Lunchtime

A little more sedate affair and again a fantastic turnout showing great support and the underlining our need for a village pub



Asset of Community Value Awarded

We have reached an important milestone in the Keep Wistow Flowing campaign as the ACV has been awarded!

I am pleased to inform you that the nomination of The Three Horseshoes public house in Wistow has been successful, Huntingdonshire District Council have decided to list it as an Asset of Community Value with effect from 2nd October 2017 

Corporate Team , Huntingdonshire District Council

The pledges have been steadily coming in and we thank you for the support but as ever we need more!

Please consider if you would like to contribute to our campaign and submit your intended pledges on the form provided on this website or contact us on

Best regards

KWF Steering Group

KWF Pop Up Pub Preparations

Preparations are going well for the first KWF Pop Up Pub tonight and this weekend

Remember its £5 per person entry fee for this first night (includes a free drink) and singer Richard Wells will be entertaining us from 8:30pm

Look forward to seeing you there!


Keep Wistow Flowing Pop Up Pub!

popuppubDon’t forget its the first ‘Keep Wistow Flowing Pop Up Pub’ this Friday – see below for details

Wistow Village Hall

Opening times

Friday 6th October        17:00 – 23:00 (£5 entry per person including a free drink)

Entertainment provided by singer RICHARD WELLS

richard wellsSaturday 7th October    12:00 – 23:00

Sunday 8th October       12:00 – 16:00

The same the following Week for the 13th – 15th of October. Keep Wistow Flowing will be open and operating within Wistow Village Hall during these times.

The first two weekends are to gauge the response and the support within the community for a Pop Up Pub, as a venue where we can meet to have a drink and socialise.

See you there ;o)

Keep Wistow Flowing Steering Group



Clarification on intended pledge form

We have received a couple of queries regarding the intended pledge form as we did amended it slightly following discussions with people after the meeting closed on Thursday.

We have ‘split’ the intended pledge offering to accommodate the two business models we could potentially follow.

BENCOMM model if we choose to set up a Community Benefit Society with the help of the Plunkett Foundation we will effectively be setting up a community business to serve the local community. Plunkett would also provide us with expert advice and support, effectively free of charge and also help with business cases to secure funding etc.

This is potentially good for us as it will open up funding schemes such as grants and lottery funding but will restrict what we can do with any profits generated as these would need to be reinvested back into the community and a smaller return would be available to investors.

We would estimate this would be a longer term investment and would run on a ‘shares for sale’ scheme at £250 per share and one vote per investor

Ltd Company model if we choose to set up a straight forward limited company then we would not qualify for the support from Plunkett and the potentially funding routes via grants etc.

However this would give us more freedom around what we can do with any potential profit and how we release this to the investors.

We would estimate this could be a shorter term investment and would run on a ‘shares for sale’ scheme at £250 per share and one vote per investor.

Obviously both models carry their own pros and cons and following feedback after the meeting on Thursday potential investors would like a choice as whichever model we choose may affect how much money people are willing to invest.

The underlying challenge is we need to raise as much money as possible to provide us with as many options as possible for how we progress the project.

To clarify both models will follow the same route of renting out the running of the pub to a tenant landlord and we will look to purchase the property as a group. The outline plan would be to grow the business back and sell it on as a healthy going concern.

Both models would also have the complete focus of securing a hub for the village in the form of a vibrant, well supported, welcoming village pub!

If you have any further questions or queries please contact us via email

KWF Steering Group

KWF Steering Group Meeting

The next KWF Steering Group meeting is planned for Thursday 28th September at 7:30PM in the Village Hall

Although this is not an ‘open’ meeting we do plan to start with meeting with an open session to allow people to ask questions as a follow up to last weeks village meeting

Many thanks for the pledge forms received so far,  please keep them coming!

KWF Steering Group


Intended Pledge Forms

The intended pledge form is now available below for download.

Please complete this form if you intend to support the project financially and return either by email to or paper copy to Mill House (address is on the form).  If you would like us to complete one on your behalf then please email us on

We have designed the form so that you can make your intended offer based on the business model we pursue either via Plunkett Foundation or via private investment. This is to allow people more flexibility should they decide to invest.

Please remember at this stage we are only collecting expressions of interest and carry no financial obligation. Once we have all of the intended pledge forms returned we will have a better understanding of which business case option may or may not be viable.

Can you please return the forms by the 28th September to allow us time to assess the response and try to move the project to the next phase.

Many thanks again for your continued support and if you have any questions or queries please get in touch via email

Best regards,

KWF Steering Group

Wistow THS Intended Pledge Form




Wistow Village Meeting Presentation

Many, many thanks to all of you who turned up for the meeting last night we were amazed at how many people actually took the time to come along and show support for our project!

Below is a copy of the presentation from the meeting and apologies for the technical hitches – Murphy’s law in play for sure ;o)

We issued intended pledge forms during the meeting and now also plan to post copies to all houses in the village and beyond.  We will also post a copy to download here on the website to help access for people in the wider community

Thanks again for your continued support and we very much look forward to seeing how much we can potentially raise

We thought we would also share a couple of  ‘before & during’  pictures from the meeting ;o)

Best regards

KWF Steering Group

KWF presentation 2109 DIST