First KWF Update

Dear fellow Wistownians,

This truly is the end of an era. The Three Horseshoes is a Grade II listed public house in a conservation area and the only remaining public house in Wistow. The building dates from the 16th Century and is at the heart of our community.

There is an overwhelming desire, drive and support to keep The Three Horseshoes pub open so it can serve the village and local communities for years to come. If the pub were to close permanently or undergo change of use, there would be a significant loss of community spirit and cohesion.

We are determined that the doors of The Three Horseshoes will re-open again under new ownership and be more than just a public house. Our vision is that it should be a ‘public home’ where people can visit and feel comfortable

Why should we act now?

A surveyor was witnessed taking measurement of the land attached to The Three Horseshoes.  Subsequently we discovered that the landlord intended to convert the premises and obtain a ‘change of use’ to dwellings of four houses. This is an undisputed fact. In our opinion and the opinion of many villagers this is totally unacceptable. We have now, through the Parish Council, applied to make The Three Horseshoes an ‘Asset of Value for the Community’ (ACV). If successful, this will prevent any such development of the site and allow it to remain a public house. Details of the ACV submission can be seen on the KWF website (see below for address). This ACV protects the premises for at least 5 years.

As a result of the imminent pub closure the KWF (Keep Wistow Flowing) Committee has been formed with Mr Michael Butler as Chairman and Mr Bryan Layman as Vice Chairman, Committee Secretary is Mrs Fran Williams. The committee has the following members so far, Mr Clive Williams, Mr Steve Tomkins, Mr Jeremy Carter, Mr Geoff Smith, Mr Gordon McInnes, Mr Jonathon Hannaby, and Mr Alistair Ray.

The committee has already engaged with the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and is now working with The Plunkett Foundation to explore what options may be available to the village to secure the future of the pub. The next step is to obtain a valuation of The Three Horseshoes as a business and we have now instructed an independent surveyor to carry this work out.

Our ambitious aim is to transform The Three Horseshoes into the central hub of our community as a ‘go to’ venue. It would be open to all, everyone will feel welcome, and would be somewhere to enjoy good food and drink, coffee and craft ales. It will function as a pub, café and restaurant, with daytime and evening activities such as bingo and charity events; a place where you could choose to join in the chatter and make friends or enjoy the peace and quiet of your own company. We want this to remain a proper pub and return it to its original purpose of serving and being an asset to our community.

We have created a website which you can log onto and register to receive regular newsletters to keep you updated on progress and forthcoming events.

We also plan to gather opinions from the village about what YOU think should happen with your pub and we look forward to discussing this with everyone. This will be in the form of a short survey that will be available on the website or if you have a few minutes you can fill one out in person.

If you do not have access to a computer then please post your interest to the address below and we will endeavour to keep you updated by posting notices through your door:

KWF, Mill House, Mill Road Wistow, PE28 2QQ

Please let us know what you think by emailing

Kind regards,

Keep Wistow Flowing Committee (KWF)

6 Replies to “First KWF Update”

  1. Thank you to the committee for forming KWF and for the informative newsletter.
    There really is a huge appetite in the village for a ‘public home’ where the Wistow community and their family and friends can spend social time together.
    We wait to hear what we can do to help to secure the 3 Horseshoes for our very special village.

  2. Thank you to the committee for forming to try to fight the closure of our village pub.
    I like a lot of the village no longer use the pub as much as I used to due to it not always being open when a want to use it and the unfriendly attitude of the landlord, it would be nice to see it returning to the centre of village life as in previous times.
    Regular events are needed to encourage more people to use it and make it profitable

  3. We second Elizabeth’s comment above and feel sure that there will be no shortage of support from the village. Hopefully we will all do our bit to help secure the future of “our pub”.

  4. Thank you to Michael and the team for an immediate and measured response to the situation at the Three Horseshoes; Wistow needs its pub and I would be a strong supporter of any efforts to create a ‘public home’. Although not a regular supporter of the current establishment (I share Steve’s views) I would be an enthusiastic user of any ‘new’ venue. Count me in.

  5. Hi all,

    Great to see you all out today. Clive mentioned a meeting at the Village hall on Sept 21st. Can you please confirm the time?

    1. Hi Deborah and thanks for the comments ;o) Time is not yet confirmed and we may have to do 2 meetings based on the potential interest we have from people so most likely 7:30PM – 8:15PM and 8:30PM – 9:15PM but we will confirm via the website etc as soon as finalised
      Thanks again

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