KWF Update – May 2018

Now that the Three Horseshoes (Wistow) limited company has been formed we have submitted a bid and secured the ACV on The Three Horseshoes.  We have also confirmed this with Huntingdon District Council.

Three Horseshoes (Wistow) Limited will be holding an investors’ meeting on 24th May to appoint five directors and discuss possible further bids for the pub. As we envisaged, this will mean that the Three Horseshoes (Wistow) Limited pub bid project and the Pop-Up-Pub will now operate independently.  Keep Wistow Flowing (KWF) will continue to run the Pop-Up-Pub until the Three Horseshoes reopens.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in getting this far and we hope to make a successful acquisition of the pub soon.



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