Pop-Up-Pub Annual Update

In July 2017, the current owners of the Three Horseshoes Public House announced their intention to close the premises pending its sale. In response to this the Keep Wistow Flowing (KWF) Steering Group was established to manage a campaign protect the Three Horseshoes from change of use and redevelopment into dwellings. The campaign commenced with a vigorous communication programme involving the creation of a website, Facebook Page and Twitter site. This was used to mobilize the village and gauge support for the campaign through a survey.

The first step was to request that the Three Horseshoes be included in Huntingdonshire District Council’s list of Assets of Community Value providing a measure of protection for 5 years. This was achieved with effect from 2 Oct 17.

Options were then considered for raising the required funding to enable the community to submit a bid iner the right to buy afforded by the ACV. A Community Benefit Society was ultimately ruled out in favour of the more flexible, fully commercial limited company, The Three Horseshoes (Wistow) Ltd. The required funding was identified and a bid was submitted in April 2017.

In October 2017, a “Pop up Pub (PuP)” was established in the Village Hall and was a huge success for the campaign demonstrating a very real need for a place to socialize. The PuP opens on Tuesday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but with additional days to cover community activities, bank holidays and sporting events. We have Held music nights with local singers Richard Wells and Graham Buxton and together with the Wistow Village Hall committee held Bingo, Music festival with an Abba Tribute Band (almost Abba) and the return of the Wistow Ashes Cricket Day. The last Wednesday of each Month has now become the quiz night for the village.

One the PuP was well established it was recognized by the KWF Steering Group that the management of the PuP as a source of community funding should be separated from the essentially commercial activities The Three Horseshoes (Wistow) Ltd. It was decided that the Keep Wistow Flowing name would continue as a community group to manage the Pop up Pub and The Three Horseshoes (Wistow) Ltd would manage the process of purchase the pub.

While the PuP continues to be a success, it is at times difficult to meet its commitment to the community. While we started with approximately twenty Volunteers to help run the PuP, we are down to around seven or eight and the burden increasingly usually falls on a core of four, particularly Gordon, to keep the doors open. So far, we have managed to stay open but we need more support given the role the PuP has in underpinning the ACV.  We must now have a new renewed energetic and enthusiastic group of volunteers to come forward. It is easy to volunteer as we have a website www.keepwistowflowing.pub showing what pub shifts are available. (please follow instructions and we have broken the shifts down into 2-hour slots)

Please see attached report of accounts, Turnover, expenses and working capital for possible improvements to Pop pub and community profits which is community money and can be used on worthwhile community projects subject to community meetings and votes.

KWF Update Oct 2018

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