Pop Up Pub Online Shift Volunteering

To try to make it as easy as possible for people to help out with shifts for the Pop Up Pub we have added an ‘online’ booking system to the website

If you click on the ‘Pop Up Pub Shifts’ menu option you will see the screenshot below

This snapshot will show you what shifts are available to volunteer for and by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the table you will be able to view each weekend the pub is open (currently shifts are available until the end of March)

If you select the CLICK HERE option you will find a new window opens and you can select an available shift and add you name

We will use this as the basis for running the shifts if you have any comments or suggestions then please let us know

Thanks again for all of your support and let’s ‘Keep Wistow Flowing’

KWF Pop UP Pub Team

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